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TéléSciences 6
Département de Formation Ouverte et A Distance (FOAD)

Programming on mobile platform. IOS

Presentation of Mooc


Link to the course 2016 


Type MOOC Assessment : Assessment on Mac, without internet

Level : Master 2nd year

Estimated total workload in hours : Nr of hours : 168h, Nr of ECTs (1ECTS= 28 hours) : 6

Prerequisites : Knowledge of an object language, advanced programming and notions of operating systems

Learning Outcomes : Understand the iOS ecosystem, Perform iOS programming, Develop complex applications in the iOS universe, Ready to do some Android programming (many notions are common)

Assessment methods : Examination on computer + regular mini apps to deliver (1 or 2 per week)

Online course could be interesting for : Any student interested in being able to make some App for smartphone or tablet

Grading : 100,  20 for the App produced during the semester, 80 for the final exam


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